New Site 新的网站

Hi everyone! I am happy to announce I have a new version of this website. It is a new iteration of the website. Most of the old articles will still be here, and the new articles will be published in the new website here. You can find several new articles there now, and some of them are actually published months ago. One of the article is related to a major update of WriteTeX. For further update of WriteTeX, please also refer to new website. Clearly, the new website is not full functional, and more updates are on the way. Welcome to visit the new website @

各位好,非常高兴的宣布新版的本网站。这是本网站的一次改版。本网的大部分文章将不会移动,新的文章将在新网站发布。现在新网站已有数篇文章,他们有些是前几个月发布的。其中包括一篇WriteTeX的重大改版文章。对于WriteTeX,未来的更新也将在新网站发布。显然,新网站至今仍有很多功能需要完善,更多的更新正在逐步开发中。欢迎大家造访新网站 @