uniUnit uniUnit is a python package providing consistent units for calculation. Here is the support page for the package. The posts related to uniUnit is listed here.

uniUnit default units table

Following is the units table currently available in uniUnit.

uniUnit - 统一单位系统的程序包

uniUnit 有限元和类似计算方法往往是无量纲的,而实际的计算是需要一个量纲的,因此计算人员必须保证模型中量的量纲是一致的。这是一个很繁杂的工作,大部分计算人员都或多或少的在这个问题上犯过错误。因此,在这里我写了一个程序包来彻底的解决这个问题。

uniUnit - unify system of units

uniUnit In FEM and other similar simulation techniques, keeping consistent units is a tedious work and almost everyone made this kind of mistake one or two times. Therefore, here I propose a package for dealing with this problem once and for all.